What To Look For In French Living Accessories

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If you are looking for French living accessories to create a mood in your home, it's a decor that is easy to replicate. You may find the pieces in flea markets, second hand and antique shops almost anywhere in the country. You might use the pieces that are recognized as French country or you might do some creative choices to get the look without the cost. You won't have to visit France to get the look in your own home.

Some of the characteristics of French accessories with a country flavor include warm colors such as those found in the French countryside. The favorites can be blues, golds and and bold reds. There can also be a reliance on pastel colors. Pottery pieces in such colors can be used as vases, table serving pieces, or kitchen accessories. These pottery items don't have to hold something, they can stand alone as touches of color in your rooms.

Linens in solid colors such as red, blue, gold and green can make a lunch table sparkle. You may use bands of prints in popular colors on solid backgrounds. Mix and match tablecloths with napkins. You can also make use of place mats for a little less formal look.

In your kitchen, you can add accessories with a French look easily. The French are renowned for foods and cooking styles. Bringing the look of France into your kitchen can be as simple as adding a wall ornament or candle sconce. Use a bright spoon rest or a antique wooden rack with coffee mugs in your chosen colors. Kitchen curtains, borders or decorative valances are another possibility to add ambiance to your kitchen.

French living decor can be elegant as well as country. You can select lamps with decorative shapes and colors in brass or wood. Remember that a major characteristic in French decor is its calming effect. Choose pieces with flowing rather than geometric lines. Designs from nature are appropriate, particularly if the colors match the palette. You can find screens for decorative accents and to create privacy in a room or area.

Wall accessories in the French style can consist of candle sconces, ceramic or pottery pieces. Lamps can be wall style or can be placed on a mantel. You can keep the countryside theme in paintings. Add vases of fresh or dried flowers to bring nature indoors.

Place settings of china can be a great way to add a hint of France to your dinner table. You can go with the elegance of classic china and formal flatware and glassware. Alternatively, you can lighten the mood with chunkier dinnerware in the French influenced colors and patterns.

French living accessories allow you to combine basic furniture pieces and use the accent pieces for color, whimsy or contrast. You should not be too rigid in your placement of items. Let imagination rule and try accessories in various places for best effect. Because this decor style is generally economical, you don't have to spend a lot of money to create a unique yet themed look. Boutique Provencale offer a huge range of French Country Living style home accessories and French Accessories which will give any home that French country style decor your after.

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What To Look For In French Living Accessories

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This article was published on 2010/07/07