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If you are just beginning to look into learning to speak French, you probably feel more comfy with the way that the language sounds. This is all part of the learning process when you are talking about learning to speak another language. I mean, isn’t this how to learned how to speak English? By repeating and learning? Keep that little nugget in mind, and you will learn how to speak French in no time.
People are not computers, you cannot just simply upload information to you brain. We learn from talking, listening and experiencing things in our lives. Whenever a person hears and speaks words in repetition, they eventually learn it. This is probably how the experts learned, so why can’t you learn the same way? Here’s a few thing for you to check out.
Listen carefully, not casually. Listen for familiar words and when you hear the prompt to respond, try to respond back. Try to talk in French as much as you can. Talk to anything that will listen, your dog, your annoying brother, a mirror. If you find yourself never really being around the language, it is very easy to lose knowledge or focus.
Lastly, you should check out learn to speak French programs. There are so many different programs on the market today, some are just rubbish. Boring books with out dated words and dialects. Some phrases in these books are considered old fashioned and aren’t really used anymore. A great program for you to read up on is Rocket French by Marie-Claire Riviere . She is a bilingual English and French speaking tutor and her program gives you audio, videos and books for training at home. Check out the other Rocket courses like Rocket Spanish by Mauricio Evlampieff and Rocket Italian by Maria DiLorenzi

Before you buy any online French program, consider Rocket French and read the Rocket French Review .

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How to Speak French

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This article was published on 2010/10/10