How to French Kiss a Woman

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When you hear of French kissing, this is when a couple kisses and their tongues are being actively used to provide pleasure to one another. Most women will consider kissing as a very intimate part of lovemaking. French kissing happens to be one of the most popular kinds of kisses as well as the most intense. When you learn how to french kiss, it will become routine to you.

When you are first learning how to french kiss, remember that you are going to be experimenting in the beginning. Before you begin to experiment, you will want to make sure that your partner is aroused. If you just try to kiss her using your tongue, it may not be very romantic and you might end up getting rejected. You will want to make sure you use some flirting and touching to ensure that your partner is aroused before you decide to try to French kiss her.

Once you and your partner are both aroused, you can start kissing her on her lips. You will want your kiss to be gentle and sensual. Don't just twirl your tongue around with hers, try exploring her mouth. Keep your tongue motion slow and easy. Try to massage her lower lips with your tongue and try different variations of your speed and motion. Once you become receptive with your kissing, you will know what moves are the right moves.

Once you have finished massaging your partner's lips, you can alternate to massaging her tongue. Again, you will want to be as gentle as possible when using this method. You can try to vary your speed with your tongue to enhance both her stimulation as well as yours. If you want to experiment a little further, try to go deeper into her mouth to stimulate her receptors that are near her through.

When you are learning how to french kiss, try to tease your partner. You will want to make her moan so you know she is enjoying the moment. You might also want to try to see her expressions when you are kissing by looking at your partner with your eyelids half open. Seeing her enjoying your kissing will result in a turn on.

Other things that you might want to remember is to eliminate any bad breath you might have. You can whisper sweet nothings in her hear. Be sure to stay connected with your partner by cuddling and hugging while you are kissing. You might not master French kissing at first, but with enough practice, you will be a pro at kissing your partner.

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How to French Kiss a Woman

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