French Translation: Your Survival Guide

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Why Do We Need to Learn French Anyway?

As always learning a second language is just a matter of choice, it is not really compulsory unless you want to go into the French translation industry and teach other people how to understand the language more.

French is also widely used in other countries besides France. Some places in Canada like Quebec use French; some places in South America and Africa also use French. So if you are a jetsetter, French can really be useful. French translation agencies and schools have started to develop everywhere.

For big companies which consider French as their company language, such as UNESCO, the NATO, and the International Red Cross, French-English translation tools are necessary because these international companies deal a lot with foreign countries that may or may not speak French at all. The reason why French is used as a company language of most international companies is because aside from English, French is the only other global language in the world. A lot of these companies also list French as a language that an applicant must master before applying for a vacant position.

French must also be learned for the practical reason of knowing the real meaning of some words in French that we use in our day-to-day English conversations. French translations of some words or phrases like “served with ice cream” more commonly said using the French term—a la mode; or the word stylish which is more often said using its French translation which is chic. It goes to show that slowly we are incorporating French translations of everyday words into our casual English conversations. Most of these words are seen and heard in the food industry, for the main reason that the French are known for their cuisine, and their uncanny ability to name different types of slices and making the world remember them through their French translation such as julienne.

Learning French is not easy, learning any foreign language is never easy. But since for most fluent English speakers, they might be familiar with a lot of French translations of a lot of English words, since we use these terms daily already. The secret is the right pronunciation; French is all about feelings, which is why it is called the most romantic language in the world.

Getting the right French translation tools, like books or online tutorials is also important because they train you better, and you can get stuff out of the internet for free! Another secret to mastering any foreign language is practice. Even if you keep learning a language out of a book or from a tutor, if you never really get to use it out of class, then everything is useless. Get a partner of a conversation buddy, and try talking in French. Getting a French friend can also help, because only an “authentic” French person can say if you have truly mastered the language or not.

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French Translation: Your Survival Guide

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This article was published on 2011/05/27