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A desire to Learn French Language is a good thing because it is a great asset for someone entering the job market. Being bilingual creates a huge number of new job opportunities and to learn French now will give you a huge advantage in the future. Learning foreign languages is easiest when you are young and impressionable although, with the right training, it can be done at any age. The Fluenz French course is a great way to learn French because it is entertaining and gets results at the same time.

The Format: Geared Towards Success

The Fluenz Learn French Language program has a great format that makes the lessons engaging and helps accelerate the learning process. The format of the program focuses heavily on the oral portions. Students work on speaking and listening comprehension first. The idea is that, for many people, this is the most important thing that they will be using. It will allow them to communicate with French speakers and to understand what they are being told. This is far more interesting than focusing on grammar and verb tenses like some other programs that purport to teach you how to Learn French Language claim to do.

A good French language course has to give students a sense of accomplishment along the way or else they will be discouraged and give up. This is especially important for those who are trying to Learn French through software since they do not have a demanding teacher and a classroom to support and encourage them. The software based course must be more engaging to really capture the student's attention and make them succeed.

The Fluenz French Language course does this because of its innovative multimedia format. The French language course, like the other language courses offered in the Fluenz series, uses video, and other multimedia formats to keep the student interested. The lessons do not seem hard because they are fun and interesting.

Start with English: Finish in French

One aspect that really distinguishes the Fluenz Learn French Language course from other French language course software is that most of the teaching starts in English. Instead of relying on native speakers, Fluenz employs English speakers who have lived in France and speak the language like a native. The difference is that they learned French as a foreign language and understand the learning process and the difficulties in ways that a native speaker could not.

Lessons begin with an explanation of goals and concepts in English so students feel comfortable and know what to expect. The lessons then proceed into French in a logical way that makes sense and is easy to follow. The Fluenz courses are really well thought out and have proven to teach students how to speak French. This package is one of the best Learn French Language courses I have reviewed.

The separate 3 hour modules make the learning very flexible and accessible to just about everyone who is interested in taking a French language course. I would recommend it for all ages and all levels. If you are interested in learning French, check it out for yourself.

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Fluenz French Language Course - Learn French Language in No Time

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This article was published on 2010/03/19